Welcome to our site, full of images intended to delight you whether you want to send a premium quality handmade blank card for that special occasion or even collect some of the favourite images for yourself.

We have over 100 beautiful and unique images of the Cotswolds, our Cotswold Canal or the collection of fun characters (you have to a look at our Flower Lady, Beefeater), colourful boats (based at Newlyn, Whitby, St.Ives), stunning trees (Westonbirt, Stratford Park, Gloucestershire), or glorious flowers (poppies, tulips, bluebells, lavender, wild flower displays).

Selection of cards All handmade cards are individually made and can be bought individually or in a set of five at reduced prices all signed by hand by the artist (not just printed) and with the artist's story on the back with full details if you require more.

Selection of prints Collectors signed, numbered handmade prints are just that! The artist has signed each print and numbered it individually. Thus each print is unique and collectable. Why are they not a 'limited edition'? Because images in this category are also available for uses such as greetings cards, which means that they are not strictly 'limited' only to prints.

Each handmade print edition bears the unique signature of the artist. This signature authenticates each reproduction of the artist's original painting and also ensures the edition is to their complete satisfaction.

Our gallery is arranged by category to make it easy for you to browse and buy the images you like as either prints or cards. They are all lovingly made by hand and are unique. We do not sell through distributors although you will see the images in various galleries.

Our artists are constantly updating images suitable for luxury handmade cards and beautiful handmade prints so your collection can grow at reasonable cost. Why not start your collection today? Here is what one of our delighted clients said about us.
"I love Christine's cards and seem to find one for every occasion be it happy or sad. Her paintings of flowers and the English countryside are my favourite! Fabulously printed and of high quality with a reasonable price, can't go wrong!" SueP.